The Candler Building - Atlanta Georgia
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Asa Candler

Atlanta's first major mark on the 20th century came in the magnificent form of its then-tallest and still grandest edifice, The Candler Building. Built in 1906, this classical bastion of brass, marble, mahogany and Tiffany crystal was conceived of and personally developed by the Coca-Cola magnate, Asa Candler.

The Candler Building's elaborately-carved facade and stunning lobby pay tribute to the world's leaders in arts and sciences. The marble busts and ornamental friezes were handcrafted by a select group of international artists. This stonework was carved from north Georgia Amicalola marble, personally selected by Mr. Candler and architect George Murphy.


Throughout its history, The Candler Building has set the standard for Atlanta. Now after a meticulous renovation and modernization program, The Candler Building once again provides a peerless combination of unequaled location and state of the art building systems encased in a timeless architecture reflecting the opulence and elegance of a bygone era.

 Today, as in 1906, Atlanta's grandest office building remains The Candler Building.

George Murphy


The Candler Building - Historic Atlanta